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The competitive advantage offered by BourkeHood is by combining the technical and financial expertise to work on each individual claim to the client’s needs and requirements. Our consultants not only have the experience of working across global R&D Tax Incentives landscape, but also have extensive backgrounds in technical sectors ranging from engineering, science, software development, construction, biotechnology, and much more.

As a result, the technical narrative of each claim is much more detailed, claims more defensible, translating into a smoother process and access to greater tax savings for our clients. Our established process and methodology ensures a streamlined process for the client, allowing them to offload their legwork of working on a claim to our team and focus on the core objectives of their business. Additionally, our success fee pricing ensures no risk in engaging with us, as we don’t get paid until you do.

Our highly specialised technical and financial consultants can assist you in maximising your R&D tax credits claims.
  • In California, the credit is equal to the sum of the following: 15% of qualified expenses that exceed a base amount and 24% of basic research payments.

Quality & Compliance

We pride ourselves in the quality of the service that we deliver to our clients, combining our proven and tested methodology with a bespoke approach to every claim.
  • This ensures that each claim is extremely informative and magnifies the unique R&D that we find per company.
Our mission is to help innovative businesses grow through R&D funding. BourkeHood uplifts claims for dozens of companies and ensures they get the maximum net benefit to reinvest.
  • We’re privileged to see first-hand the positive impact that R&D tax credits can have on businesses.

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