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BourkeHood is a global R&D consultancy with offices in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States. Working across a multitude of sectors and business sizes to deliver value to our clients, BourkeHood taps into the expertise of more than 15 years in the global R&D tax landscape and across R&D-rich sectors, combining both technical and financial knowledge to help our clients access innovation funding. Our team works in tandem with the client to discover unique areas of opportunity that often go unnoticed within the scope of individual research.

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Different R&D Sectors

Steps for processing

Our Steps in processing your


Phase 1: Technical Discussion

BourkeHood process starts with you. In Phase 1, we assign the consultant to your case who will be working with you to explore the scope and depth of R&D amongst your business activities and projects and gain an initial understanding of the potential claim value.

Phase 2: Claim Documentation

BourkeHood takes the legwork to prepare the technical narrative and financial documentation of your claim. Our unique ‘reverse audit methodology’ minimises the risk of post-submission questions, whereas our dedicated team ensures a straightforward process.

Phase 3: Financial Calculations

After collecting the necessary information from you regarding your R&D projects and costs, we calculate your eligible R&D expenditure on a project-by-project basis.

Phase 4: Lodging

BourkeHood prepares your application for lodging. Once approved, you will receive the full benefit. To claim, you must file your income tax return and attach the Research Credit form (FTB 3523).

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