Innovation Funding 3 Essential Tips

Do you feel that you’re not optimising your innovation funding options? Well, you aren’t. We want to let you in on 3 essential tips to increase your R&D Tax Incentive, which entitles you up to 10% Federal Credit and various state credits claimed back on your development costs.

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How to safely and effectively get back up to 10% on your qualifying spend.

How to optimise government incentives to save thousands and potentially get cash back every single year.

Find out what are the grey areas of claiming, maximising your chances of success.

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BourkeHood is a funding consultancy specialising in R&D Tax Incentives and R&D Innovation Funding. With over 20 years of R&D Technical and financial experience, our team is able to identify grey areas of R&D within sectors that are often forgotten or under-claimed.

Within our Technical Team, you will find highly qualified experts ranging from machine learning developers to engineers and scientists.