Jason Hood, 27, pictured, revealed how he went from heartbroken and broke to running his own multimillion-dollar business

A 27-year-old entrepreneur revealed how after the sudden death of his mother, best friend and grandmother, he went from broke and heartbroken to building a million-dollar business in just 12 months.

In early March 2019, Jason Hood was living in London trying to keep up a failed business venture with friends when he received a call from his younger brother Matthew asking to come home.

His mother had just been hospitalized, had cancer and had only a few days to live.

“I got the call on Saturday, I got to her bedside ASAP and she died on Wednesday,” he told FEMAIL.

After a hasty departure from the life he had built in London, Jason had only three days at his mother Natalie’s bedside before she breathed her last, she was only 53.

His grandmother had passed away a few months earlier and his best mate Jonathan, who was still in London, died suddenly, aged 36, in June.

Jason was living in London when his mum Natalie, pictured, fell ill with late-stage melanoma – he got home in time to say goodbye.

Pictured here with his brother Matthew, sister Alicia, father Warren and late mother Natalie before the family lost their anchor in March 2019

Jason had moved in with his father, brother Matthew and sister Alicia after his shocked departure from London.

But within six months, he started getting itchy feet and decided to start his own research and development company, Bourkehood, in honor of his late mother.

Bourke is Jason’s mother’s maiden name. Hood is his last name, making the company name very personal and his drive to make it even bigger.

R&D companies, like Jason’s, provide funding and grants to companies to help them grow and give them the opportunity to invest in their own future.

He started the business with his own savings and lived in his aunt and uncle’s house in western Sydney so that he could put all his money into the business.

Then covid hit — but Jason knew he couldn’t let the pandemic ruin his attempt to build his own business.

Twelve months later, his company operates in four countries, employs 20 people and has seven-figure sales.

Jason moved in with his family, including his brother, before moving to Sydney to start Bourkehood

Jason got the job in London after doing exercise science at university, followed by a master’s degree in finance.

But he soon realized he was the perfect fit after becoming Europe’s biggest salesman’s top R&D company in just nine months.

So he started a business with his friend – but in 2019, what he calls “the year from hell,” things went wrong.

“The life lessons I learned from the company’s first collapse have served me well,” he said.

‘I wouldn’t change it at all. It has enabled me to build Bourkehood, which is also a good legacy.”

Jason thrived in London, made good friends and discovered his career as an R&D consultant

Jason now lives in north Sydney but has plans to move to London or New York to grow the business.

“I have really good people in Australia and they will be doing operations here and all over New Zealand,” he said.

“If you can’t run your business without you, then I don’t think it’s really a business.”

Jason has plans to become the biggest R&D player in the world. He currently has 220 clients and has successfully secured more than $30 million in grants to help them grow.

“It’s really nice to see our customers flourish and grow the way we do,” he said.

And his customers are just as happy.

Jason and his family in happier times – he is proud to have named his company after his father and mother

“We are relieved to know that we will be working with Bourkehood, knowing that they will always act in the best interests of the company and never let the customer down,” said Pala Australia’s Kajal Pala.

Jason knows the grief that comes with losing a business and loves helping people keep their business and researching research and development to help them prosper.

“Especially with Covid, some of these businesses would have closed down, but we’re helping them bring in some grants so they don’t have to,” he said.

Growing a business from its infancy to turning over a million dollars in just one year is a big effort, but Jason said he knew he could do it.

“I am pleased, but not surprised, because I have supported myself,” he said.

The biggest difficulty in operating an R&D company globally is that each country has its own framework for subsidies.

Jason pictured with his younger brother and sister, Alicia, inspiring him to work harder in business

But Jason has managed to bring in experts from his key markets in New Zealand, the UK and the US, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Jason says he’s happy to make his family proud.

“Daddy’s a pool installer and doesn’t say much, but he’s pretty proud of what I’ve done,” he said.

He remains in close contact with his family, who help him every day to realize his ambition.

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